A China corporate healthcare concierge

Here at China Expat Health we consider ourselves to be a healthcare concierge for large companies and international schools.

Due to language and culture differences, Simple things like just going to the doctor may be very troublesome for expats and their employers- read on to find out how China Expat Health can take care of all the trouble for you

Visiting the doctor in China? Not so simple

A visit to the doctor in China may not be quite as straightforward as in your home country. Language barriers, differing medical practices, different standards of hygiene and cleanliness are just a few things which may take some getting used to in your new city. Many individual employees can find this all rather disorientating or even upsetting in the beginning, and your insurer may not even be based in China. Even if they are, they may not understand how disconcerting it is to be sick in China and unable to cope with an unfamiliar system.

Because of the above, having a reliable and reputable health insurance broker in Shanghai such as China Expat Health is extremely important. We know the issues and problems faced by China health insurance group policyholders because we ourselves live in China and are extremely familiar with the exact nature of the problems faced in taking care of your health. Just finding a doctor who can speak English or another foreign language can be a major challenge. So having a supportive broker, who supports your insurance group in China, and guides them through the process and away from any potential problems, saves you and your company an unimaginable amount of trouble.

Having a competent health broker in China is especially necessary for groups as typically larger numbers of employees require more looking after. We act in your interests every step of the way from handling claims with reluctant insurers, to giving practical advice for employees on the ground in China seeking health treatment. Think of us as the health insurance expert division of your HR department in China.

If one of your members leaves the group, most insurers will permit a change to an individual plan and allow pre-existing conditions coverage to remain the same, offering a real advantage and flexibility for the policy-holder. In addition, group health insurance policies are not country specific so if you are relocated to or from China, you retain coverage and you need not take out a new policy elsewhere. Countless HR heads all over China will gladly recommend One World Cover as providing excellent health insurance brokerage China-wide.

Advantages for the employer

Recruiting and Retention – Offering health insurance benefits delivers a definite competitive employee recruiting advantage over other competing businesses that do not offer coverage. In China, group health insurance is a huge boon for expats, who may feel insecure about how to safeguard their health. It could also help sway talent who might instead seek larger companies that offer health insurance. If your employees are satisfied with the benefits you offer, it can also serve as an incentive for them to stay with you, cutting the costs of employee turnover.

Healthier Employees – If your employees have access to effective health care coverage, they may be more likely to visit the doctor when feeling well or make sure they undergo regular preventative procedures such as examinations for potentially debilitating conditions like breast or prostate cancer. While trips to seek medical advice could temporarily affect output if they occur on company time, they could have more beneficial long-term positive effects on your company. An affliction detected and treated in its early stages, for instance, could help reduce the likelihood of a lengthy absence due to prolonged recovery from a major illness.


China Expat Health is a leading broker for major corporations in China – so take advantage of our expertise with a free consultation and quote without delay. We can provide your group with a customized quote to fit your China group health insurance needs to exact precision. To receive your quote contact us now. We are eager to demonstrate that we can provide the best group health insurance in China.