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Meet the team dedicated to our core values that guarantees the best value for money health insurance plans that suit your needs.

China Expat Health is a specialist health insurance consultant (broker), based in Shanghai, China.

Our purpose is to help China based expat families find the best health insurance.

Our niche is helping China based expat families who are living long term in China

Our team are also China based long term expats, based in Shanghai.

We understand your primary concern is to ensure your family has great health insurance, to protect YOUR family should some unfortunate accident or health related matter occur.

What you will get by contacting us:
– Health insurer comparisons (saving you time).
– Health insurance benefit comparisons (saving you time).
– Health insurance price comparisons (saving you time).
– Expert advice on which health insurers REALLY protect your family (peace of mind for protecting your family).
– Expert advice on which health insurers DO NOT protect your family (usually the ones offering pricing too good to be true), (peace of mind for protecting your family).
– Advice on where and how to use your health insurance for routine claims (practical knowledge).
– Essential knowledge for medical emergencies in China, what to do, who to call, how to get to a hospital (peace of mind for protecting your family).
– Year round support if you ever have any issues with your insurer (peace of mind for protecting your family).

Our Values

We live our core values everyday through interactions with our clients and each other:

  • Genuine Caring: Embrace our responsibility to always act in the clients best interests.
  • Add Value: Make the lives of our clients better.
  • Quality of work: Go above and beyond the customers expectations.
  • Accountable: We are trusted advisors, who carry the responsibility of making health insurance work for thousands of families. If there is an issue to be resolved, we own it.
  • Driven: We put our ‘drive’ into ‘action’, to deliver better results to more customers.

Meet the Leadership Team

David Bortz


David Bortz is a co-founder and director of One World Cover. With more than a decade of experience in the insurance industry in China and Asia, and a further 5+ years in the Australian insurance market, David was on the ground floor during the official entrance of international medical insurance providers into China in the early 2000s.

David received his dual Bachelor Honors degree from the University of Western Sydney. His interests include spending quality time with his family, health, traveling and sports.

Rob Fowler

Director of IPMI

Rob is originally from the UK and has been working in the China medical insurance industry for over 8 years. Including positions in the fortune 500 companies Allianz and Ping An.

Rob has a Bachelor Honors degree in Accounting and Finance. His interests include studying Go (Weiqi/Baduk), reading and fitness.

Meet the Consulting Team

Kamil Guseav

Senior Consultant

Kamil has lived in China for over 5 years. During this time Kamil has worked for China Expat Health for 4 years and has been very successful in his role. His knowledge of health insurance plans and various insurance companies’ servicing capabilities are unparalleled.

Kamil has a Masters Degree in International Business from Hult International Business School. His interests include walking his dog, kickboxing and yoga.

Carsten Creutzburg

Client Services Manager

Carsten is originally from Germany and has worked in the China health insurance industry for 8 years. During this time he has built up a reputation for attention to detail and getting the best out of insurers for his clients.

His hobbies include playing volleyball, football and baseball.

Garrett Coughlin

Senior Consultant

Garrett is originally from the United States and is passionate about giving the best advice and information to his clients.

Garrett has a dual Bachelor Honors degree in Economics and Chinese from the University of Oregon. His hobbies include working and video games.

Our Proven Process

Our proven process empowers you to make great decisions about which health insurance plans to choose from.

  1. Evaluate your goals, budget, must-haves and nice-to-haves.
  2. Present and overview of relevant and reliable options.
  3. Present the pros and cons of each option and answer your questions. This allows you to focus-in on one or two plans which best suit your situation.
  4. Present the full information including what’s not covered for the plans that best suit you.
  5. Help you with the application making it hassle free.
  6. Support you throughout the year when you need to use the insurance.

Let us find the right plan for you!

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