Aetna / Interglobal

Aetna / Interglobal China Health Insurance Insurer

As a Fortune 100 company, Aetna is the third largest health care benefits company in the United States, and its global business, Aetna International, acquired the UK’s Interglobal group in April 2014.

Aetna are strong on individual international private medical insurance (IPMI). Their acquisition of Interglobal brings a strong international health insurance footprint and pool of experience to act as a foundation for their plans and packages.

Interglobal were originally founded in 1998 in the UK and developed into a worldwide brand. However Aetna are in the process of phasing out the interglobal name and combining the best aspects of both Interglobal and Aetna’s health insurance business.

Aetna now sell their health insurance products under the “Ultracare” brand.

Aetna / Interglobal Coverage

Aetna offer extensive coverage being licensed to sell all over mainland China except Inner Mongolia, and Tibet. Their plans offer worldwide coverage and worldwide excluding USA, and China-only coverage.

Aetna / Interglobal Services

For groups consisting of over 10 employees, medical history disregarded plans are available for an added premium – depending on the exact nature of the plans. If the group numbers 30 persons or over, medical history disregarded can be included in the plan for no added cost.

Aetna accept payments in RMB, and has a global direct billing network which can be used outside of China.

Co-pays are available and the insurer aims for a turnaround of five days on claims handling. Sub-groups allowing some members to have differing levels of coverage from other group members are possible depending on the size of the group.

Children can be added to individual plans within 30 days of birth and at any time.

Aetna / Interglobal Specialities
Aetna have a number of plans aimed specifically at expatriate teachers – sold under the “UltraCare International Schools from InterGlobal” banner.