80% of our clients choose plans from one of three insurance companies.

  • Allianz Care
  • Now Health

These three insurance companies are also increasing their prices on April 1st. This is a great opportunity to lock-in 2018 insurance rates before they increase. This will also keep your long-term insurance costs down. As a result March is our busiest month for helping expats get themselves and their families protected.

Allianz Care’s plans are increasing by an average of 7.8%, ICBC AXA’s by 13% and Now Health are removing their first-year discount of 6%.

Why Are They Increasing Their Prices?

All insurance companies revise their prices every year. This is to keep up with medical inflation (increasing cost of medical care) and ensure their coverage is up to date. Historically some insurance companies increase their prices more than others, speak to one of our consultants and they can tell you who the best and worst performers are for price increases and stability.

Why Are Those Three Insurers The Most Popular Among Expats?

To cut a long story short, they each offer a unique but competitive mix of high levels of coverage and and lower prices than other insurance companies. Depending on your specific needs and service requirements, using on of our comparisons you can quickly see which insurer offers the best deal for you.