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Mental health in China

Where to Find Mental Health Services in China?

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Seeking expat mental health services in China may seem like navigating an expensive maze where issues related to professionalism and confidentiality lurk behind every corner, while being in an urgent...
healthcare in china

Healthcare in China – What You Need to Know

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The key to navigating the Chinese healthcare system is keeping costs down by choosing the right medical insurance plan, knowing how to prepare for maternity costs and knowing where to...
Health Insurance in China

The Ultimate Guide to Health Insurance in China

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Anyone who has ever considered buying health insurance in China for themselves or their family may have ended up purchasing whichever policy someone recommended rather than what they actually needed,...

Having a Baby at a Chinese Hospital: Foreign Couples Guide

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With the rising cost of maternity packages in international clinics, greater numbers of foreigners and expats are having babies in Chinese hospitals. The common perception of local hospitals from an...

Hiring a Yuesao to look after mother and baby in China

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You may have read about the concept of the “sitting month” or zuo yuezi in China - women who have recently given birth are forbidden from doing just about anything...