Using an Insurance Broker to Compare China Health Insurance Plans

Health Insurance

When you need a top-notch China health insurance plan, it’s only natural to go directly to an insurance company, right? Wrong! In many cases, going straight to a health insurance company is not the best strategy. Especially if you are looking to compare policies. Utilizing the services of a specialist health insurance broker could be much more favorable than going directly to a health insurance company.

Here are some things you seriously need to consider when thinking about going directly to a health insurance company to find the best China health insurance plans.

Why shouldn’t you buy China health insurance directly from an insurance company?

If you want to buy a car, would you go to one dealership and buy without researching the prices of similar cars at other dealerships? Of course not. And that is the first reason why you shouldn’t buy health insurance directly from an insurance company. The issue is it will take forever to visit every insurance company to compare their policies and prices. 

An insurance company is the same as any company on the planet. They will do everything in their power to convince you that their products are the best. It’s only natural for a company to act that way. Don’t be mad. Be smart!

When you are trying to find the best China health insurance plans that suit your specifications and budget, you need honest advice that is tailored to you. Insurance companies will not be objective about your needs. In most cases, they will not give you advice in regards to the drawbacks and potential issues with their products or services.

You are just another number to an insurance company. That’s just the way it is. Insurance companies deal with thousands of customers every year. You are just a number to them. And big business is generally a numbers game. Do large insurance companies care if you are receiving sub-par services? Would they care to meet your needs if you ask them for a discount? The answer is some will and some won’t. That’s where an insurance broker’s advice become invaluable, they have the knowledge and experience to inform you what service levels and general level of understanding you will get from different insurance companies. Even if you did manage to find an insurance on your own with a good reputation and who genuinely cares for their customers. They care even more if you’re our customer, we leverage our relationships within the insurance companies to help get you a level of support and assistance you could never get on your own.

Can a Broker Find you the Best China Health Insurance Plans?

It’s always good to have someone on your side that knows the industry and will honestly pass that information directly to you with your best interests in mind. That is a service you will not receive directly from an insurance company who is simply giving you the ‘hard sell’.

Insurance brokers have thousands of clients so are adept at finding you China health insurance plans that suit you. That’s a broker’s job. To make sure you get the best deal. Insurance brokers have massive clout and negotiating power to get you the best deal.

Did you know that an insurance company will not proactively offer you discounts that you might be entitled to without haggling for it? Brokers already know about the discount you should be receiving and will ensure you get fair treatments. And that is all we want. Fair treatment, and fair comparisons to make the right choice.

Can a Broker Find you the Best China Health Insurance Plans?

Can a China Health Insurance Broker Protect You?

Some might say that a broker’s sole purpose is to protect you from the myriad of companies who are trying part you from your hard-earned cash. Not only will an insurance broker ensure you get the right price for China health insurance plans, but they will also inform you if you are being treated unfairly once you have signed a contract.

An insurance broker will offer you objective advice when compared to an insurance company. They will ensure the price for your health insurance plan is in-line with market rates. They can also use their knowledge and expertise of the industry as a whole to give you the best advice possible. Insurance brokers, such as ourselves, have experience dealing with various medical facilities and will help you to navigate through this potential minefield. Brokers can help you get the China health insurance plans you need for the best price.

Questions to Ask Potential China Health Insurance Brokers

When deciding on which China health insurance broker to use, it’s important to ask them a few questions. Here are some questions you need to consider when finding the health insurance broker to suit your needs:

Are you qualified under Chinese Law?

It’s essential to ensure that your broker is a China-licensed insuranc ebroker.  Brokers need to be authorized by an insurance authority such as the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission. Make sure your chosen broker is qualified to do the job.

How many insurance providers do they work with?

You are only as good as your connections. Your chosen broker needs to already have relationships with several insurance providers. Insurance brokers should work with many providers, which will give you more options and comparisons. 

Does the broker help you after signing the policy?

Getting a broker to help you find the best China health insurance plans is one thing, but will they be there for you after the policy is signed? Brokers have varying approaches to after-sales, so you need to ask that question. Utilizing the services of a broker with a hands-on service all year long is the best strategy to take. This is essential if you need to ask questions concerning a claim within the duration of the policy. It’s always great to have someone in your corner. Just make sure your chosen insurance broker offers that service. 

Is the broker’s knowledge generalized or specialized?

Some insurance brokers have generalized services. While others are specialized in certain insurance categories such as travel, health, medical, business, and so forth. If you are happy to buy China health insurance with a general insurance company, that is fine. If you want a dedicated health insurance policy, finding a broker that specializes in health insurance is important.

What fees does the broker charge?

Always make sure you know the rates and prices. Brokers are usually paid by the insurance providers. They receive a commission based on the deals they make this means you are not charged directly by the broker. 

Things to Remember When Purchasing China Health Insurance Plans

Now you have a firm idea on why it’s best to use a China health insurance broker instead of going directly to an insurance company, here are some more things to remember. 

Plan Ahead

Always plan 2-3 months in advance when evaluating the best China health insurance plans. Do not leave things until the last minute. This will give you all the time you need to calculate the best decisions and to study comparisons.

Future Premium Increases

Always remember that your premiums are likely to increase year upon year. This is largely due to the high inflation rate that we are seeing worldwide. And although this is something that affects every nation, in China medical inflation on average rises 8% to 10% each year.

Optimized Health Insurance Plan

Do you need your China health insurance policy to be tailored for you alone, your family, or even a group? This is especially important if you are looking to cover your workforce at a company. Always make sure your insurance plan is optimized for your exact needs.

China Expat Health Simplifies Life

China Expat Health can simplify your life. Do you know about all the good health insurance providers in China? Are you an expert on medical and health insurance? Of course not. That’s why we utilize the services of experts.

An individual China health insurance company will continually put themselves first. They will not have your best interests at heart. It’s just a fact of life. This is why finding the perfect health insurance broker that already knows the local insurance market is the only strategy to take.

We can help you find the best China health insurance plans that suit your exact needs and budget. You must have someone on your side that knows what you need and can provide you with the best choices, objectively and honestly. This is a service you will not get when dealing directly with a health insurance company.