Pregnancy insurance is officially known as maternity insurance. If you are planning on having a baby in China it is important that you are covered for birth, prenatal, postnatal and emergency neonatal medical care. In addition you need access to great medical care in a clean environment (see hospital types) and doctors who speak your language. The problem is this can be expensive in China.

What Is Included Within a Hospital Maternity Package?

Included within maternity package: Pre-natal examinations, natural delivery, post-natal examinations, baby care and standard examinations and vaccinations needed within the first few days.

Not included within maternity package: Pre-natal treatment, post-natal treatment and examinations, complications during delivery and baby medical problems

Make sure you have adequate insurance to cover additional and unforeseen costs which aren’t covered in a standard maternity package.

What Does a Maternity Package Cost in China?

There are a number of maternity clinics expats may have heard of or be familiar with. The below table contains the cost of maternity packages including pre-natal, child birth and cesarean section at various popular international facilities in China.

Natural Birth
United Family Healthcare ShanghaiHigh-cost providerCNY 79,000CNY 119,000
Shanghai Redleaf International Women’s HospitalPrivate hospitalCNY 98,000CNY 150,000
Shanghai American-Sino Ob/Gyn/Pediatrics ServicesPrivate hospitalCNY 70,000CNY 95,000
Worldpath Clinic InternationalPrivate hospitalCNY 70,000CNY 95,000
Shanghai East International Medical CenterHigh-cost providerCNY 74,800CNY 94,800
Shanghai Inpatient Department (Huashan)Private hospitalCNY 55,000CNY 65,000
Beijing United Family HealthcareHigh-cost providerCNY 86,800CNY 108,800
OASIS InternationalPrivate hospitalCNY 60,600CNY 86,600
New Century HealthcarePrivate hospitalCNY 41,616CNY 52,416
AMCARE BeijingPrivate hospitalCNY 60,782CNY 77,792
AMCARE ShenzhenPrivate hospitalCNY 69,070CNY 88,400
Elizabeth Women’s HospitalPrivate hospitalCNY 85,000CNY 95,000

Discounts: Sometimes clinics will offer discounts on the above prices which range from 12% to 5%.

*The above costs are estimates based on information available on hospital websites, enquiries made and costs our client’s have experienced. 

Which Are the Best Maternity Insurance Plans?

Most insurers have a maternity option. However not all maternity plans were born equal. We’ve only listed the plans we ourselves would buy and the reasons below are clear.

 Bupa Elite PlanNOW Health Apex PlanAllianz with MaternityMSH Premier Plan
Cover LimitCNY 94,000CNY 110,250CNY 63,000CNY 68,000 / 40,000
Pregnancy complicationsFully CoveredFully CoveredCNY 126,000Fully Covered
Waiting period12 months12 months12 months12 months
Is a medical questionnaire required to add a newborn?Not RequiredNot RequiredNot RequiredNot Required
Cover Congenital Conditions?YesYesYesNo
Other relevant information?One child 10y/o and under free.NoneBoth parents must be on the
plan to choose maternity cover
Relative Value for MoneyGoodExcellentPoorExcellent

The Bupa Elite Plan is one of the most comprehensive in terms of overall cover. It’s expensive initially however when you factor in that your first child under 10 y/o is added for free (or two if both parents are on the plan) and that both parents don’t necessarily need to be covered under the plan, this offers exceptional value for people planning to start or expand their family and who want worldwide cover. In addition it’s the only plan that covers pre-natal costs within their outpatient plan meaning it’s the only insurer which can cover the costs of the most expensive maternity packages.

Now Health offers great value maternity plans by allowing you to reduce costs by adding inpatient and outpatient deductibles and other restrictions onto the plan. If you want a plan primarily to cover maternity in private hospitals and wish to lower costs, then this plan is offers the best value for money.

Maternity insurance is expensive, and for those of you who are willing to work a little harder to find a lower cost maternity package and don’t mind the lack of cover for congenital conditions, the most reasonable lowest cost option is the MSH Premier Plan.

Disclaimer: the figures and views are subjective and based on our research, experience and client feedback.

What Type of Hospital Is Best For Maternity in China?

Check out our hospital types page which goes into details for the pros and cons and prices at different types of hospitals and clinics in China.

Coverage for Your Newborn

Most plans designed to cover maternity healthcare will ensure that there is at least some coverage for the newborn baby, if only for a short period of time. This length of time will be different for every policy as it depends upon the insurer and the plan, so you need to be aware of the limitations on this. There are some policies that offer full coverage, but these will bring with them high premiums. There are policies that have financial caps on the benefits for newborns. There may also be time limits for post natal care. You do need to be prepared in case your newborn needs some medical care after the birth. Expenses such as vaccinations are standard but you should also be prepared in case there are unexpected complications, which can incur very high bills.

Further Cover

There are many maternity insurance policies that offer cover with stipulations for assisted pregnancies, including those that have occurred as a result of IVF treatment. There may also be considerations for second and third pregnancies, particularly if the first child was delivered by C-Section. If any of these apply to you then you need to be aware that the cost of your pregnancy healthcare can rise dramatically. Make sure you make us aware of all the relevant details so that a member of our team can advise you accordingly.

How to Get Started

When you are considering maternity insurance you need to plan as early as possible. Most insurers will put a waiting period into place on a maternity policy so that you will only be able to claim on them after you have had the policy in place for a minimum of 12 months, so planning ahead will be to your advantage.

Fill out the form or chat to one of our consultants today and we will ensure you have all the information you need to plan for pregnancy.