Medical Insurance for a China Work Permit or Work Visa Application

China Expat Health, an expat-focused insurance broker, has compared different insurance plans for senior professionals in China in order to offer the most competitively priced option for expats who wish to continue working in China after reaching the age of 55 or 60.

Many senior foreign expats have reported that it is difficult to obtain the Chinese Z work visa or renew their work permit after reaching the age of 55 or 60, the former of which is the retirement age for women in China and the latter which applies to men.

The exact rules vary between different provinces and cities. However those who wish to work after the age of 65 in China’s first-tier cities need to prove they have valid medical insurance in order to apply for or renew a work permit. Some second and third-tier cities are even stricter and require this for people aged over 55 or 60. Visa policies change every few years so whatever your HR tells you, is likely to be the current rules that apply to you.  

Those who have already checked out some international insurance programs in China, know that each insurer has its own terms and exclusions, making it hard to compare data to see which plans are best. That is why China Expat Health, using their years of experience and knowledge have managed to track down the most reasonably priced plan for senior expats who wish to prolong and secure their careers in China.

What Type of Medical Insurance Plan is Valid for a Senior’s Work Permit Application?

After consulting with a number of client’s who they have helped get this type of insurance and asking various visa agents, it was found that health insurance must meet the below criteria for a senior’s work permit application:

  1. Be valid in Mainland China
  2. Must cover the medical costs of accidents and major illnesses up to the amount of at least CNY 500,000
  3. Include a mortal remains repatriation benefit which covers the costs of sending a body back to your home country after passing away

The insurance company should also be able to provide an insurance certificate verifying your cover in Chinese. Otherwise you might have to arrange the insurance certificate to be translated and notarized.

What is the Best Plan to Meet a Work Permit Requirement?

According to the research the WorldCare Essential plan from Asia-Pacific P&C and Now Health tops the list as the best value insurance plan for those aged over 55 years old who need the health insurance for a China work permit.

WorldCare Essential is the most affordable of this company’s three options for China. This particular plan includes cover at international facilities and public VIP wards for inpatient, day-patient care and it covers up to CNY18,000,000 in healthcare expenses per policy year.

The guaranteed services include medical evacuation, mortal remains repatriation, inpatient care and cancer treatment, all of which may require appointments with specialists, as well as high-cost medicine. The program also covers non-elective care outside of Greater China or Worldwide Exc. US cover.

A range of deductible options greatly reduce the overall cost and make this plan ideal for expats who are over 55 years old and need proof of medical insurance to apply for a work visa Z in China. The basic scheme keeps the premium relatively low while making sure that members are protected against injuries and accidents that require urgent care.

The WorldCare Essential also offers a slew of optional add-ons to target specific needs. Those who fly frequently to the US, may wish to cover elective treatment in the States. Business travelers in Asia may consider including Worldwide excluding US cover. For comprehensive coverage, some may want to add out-patient care.

The insurer accepts new members who are below 79 years of age while renewals are available for all age groups. The company has a 24-hours, 365-days per year in-house customer service, while insurance claims may be filed online. The firm offers direct billing with a host of Chinese level-three public hospitals.

Expats who wish to know more about this plan, or how to generally protect their life and career prospects in China, please contact us using the form, start an online chat or give us a call or email.

  • To prove our transparency, we would like to point out that China Expat Health is an insurance broker striving toward objectivity on behalf of consumers. This also means that we offer the WorldCare Essential plan at the same price as the insurer does, because China Expat Health does not take commission from consumers.