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China Z Work Visa Health Check Screening

work visa medical check

If you’ve landed a job in China, you’ll need a China work visa and for that you will need to undergo a medical checkup at a Chinese hospital.

Such checks are a requirement of the Chinese entry-exit bureau and must be carried out in a government-recognized hospital. As with all visa-related issue, there are conflicting stories about how and where you can have your examination carried out.

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What Do They Test In A Work Visa Medical Checkup?

The examinations will be straightforward and not involve anything particularly too intimate.

  1. Bloodwork
  2. Ultrasound
  3. ECG
  4. Eye test
  5. Weight, height, BMI
  6. Blood pressure
  7. Breathing – stethoscope
  8. Chest X-ray
  9. Abdominal ultrasound

Why Do I Need A Medical Report For A China Work Visa?

The medical checkups and examinations serve two main purposes. One is the China exit and entry bureau do not want people with serious infectious diseases, such as HIV or hepatitis, to obtain long-term visa to stay in China. They view this as a danger to public health. Secondly some employers will also require the medical report and they may use this to ensure you are healthy enough to fulfill your duties and responsibilities before hiring you.

Where Can I Get A Medical Checkup Done?

Often your employer will arrange this for you. However if not, you can get it done at any international style clinic, however if your medical insurance doesn’t cover this you can consider Shanghai Renai Hospital which charges around CNY ~300 for the check-up or Bejing Physical Examination Center.

In our experience, it is best to have the procedure done in China by a Chinese hospital. In the major cities, such as Shanghai and Beijing, there are entire hospitals specifically dedicated to carrying examinations out for foreigners applying for a work permit.

At such facilities, you’ll probably be expected to make your way there yourself and deal with the procedure on your own. However staff at these centers all speak reasonable English and the entire process isn’t difficult to handle.

If you are in a smaller city or area away from the main urban centers, there will likely be no specialized facility and the whole experience may be something of an adventure. In smaller cities it is quite common that the average person has not had a close encounter with a foreigner, that includes medical staff.

If you are not of East Asian ethnicity, be prepared for laughs or giggles from hospital staff at your appearance – especially if you have hairy arms or legs, as this is often considered a key distinguishing feature by Chinese people when it comes to comparing their physical appearance with those of different racial backgrounds.

Whilst to some people, such reactions may understandably seem a little inappropriate or even rude, they are not meant to be disrespectful and are simply a reflection of the fact that most Chinese people are simply not used to foreigners and their appearance. In fact many Chinese feel a little shy around foreigners and such reactions are often made out of sheer nervousness.

Similarly, if you can speak Chinese, prepare to hear some very direct remarks from hospital staff about your appearance. You may or may not find these amusing, but they can be used as an icebreaker and staff will most likely express surprise that you can speak their language when you respond to their comments!

The procedure must be paid for and, your employer may send someone to accompany you to the hospital and they will most likely take care of that. In Shanghai and Beijing you may be on your own and have to cover the initial expense. Make sure you collect your receipt or fapiao when you make your payment so you can get reimbursement from your employer later.

In China, the term “work visa” is often used by expats to describe the paperwork needed to remain in China longer term to enable you to have a job and live. But the actual document you end up with is a residence permit which is a sticker in your passport and enables you to freely leave and enter China for up to a year before it is renewed.

The good news is that renewal does not require another medical exam – but make sure that you start the renewal process in good time, as such matters can take longer than anticipated in China and overstaying one’s visa expiration date does not go down well with customs and can affect access to the country in the future.

So make sure you have adequate health insurance during your time in China by calling us here at China Expat Health or filling out the form today for a free personalized medical insurance comparison.

Medical Insurance in China for Visa Purposes

Many cities and provinces in China actually require expats and foreigners to have medical insurance before they can apply for a work permit / work visa. Generally the requirements are that the insurance covers mortal remains repatriation and has high limits for inpatient and hospitalization.

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Join the discussion 25 Comments

  • Avatar Birdie Connors says:

    I was diagnosed with herpes 2 by my doctor at home in the U.S. Does China deny your Visa for this reason. I have never ever had any outbreaks. But I know that I will need health care if I am allowed to stay here. What is the cheapest insurance that I can get if I am allowed to stay here?

  • Avatar Aleksij says:

    Could you help me please? I come from Holland. I’m going to apply for Z visa I have one question- during body-check do they run any drug test or something related to it? Thank you

    • China Expat Health Team China Expat Health Team says:

      Hi Aleksij, thanks for getting in touch. As far as I know, they don’t run any drug tests during the medical check-up. They just check for major diseases and STDs.

      On another note, please be aware that drug use is extremely prohibited in China and the Chinese government is very strict when it comes to drug use. Hope that helps.

  • Avatar Anna.Sparks says:


    Is Hepatitis B screened and could be a reason of visa rejection?

    • China Expat Health Team China Expat Health Team says:

      Hi Anna,

      We don’t know exactly what they test for as we’re not updated on their regulations but, our best guess is that it shouldn’t be a problem as we have clients with Hepatitis B and they live and work in China.

      Thanks for getting in touch.

  • Avatar Mary says:

    I have 2 questions: One is the same as the prior from Birdie Conners;

    1.) Will China deny you a visa if you have Herpes 2?

    2.) Can you get any part of the Health Exam done in your home country? I would like to get the required gynecological exam done in the US and not China.

    • China Expat Health Team China Expat Health Team says:

      Hi Mary,

      1. I don’t think China will deny your visa if you have Herpes 2 as we have clients working in China with Herpes 2 but again, it’s not our area of expertise so we can’t be so sure.
      2. I’m sorry I don’t have enough info about this at the moment. I will do some research and get back to you ASAP.

      Thanks for your comment

  • Avatar Dani says:

    What is the situation for Cancer survivors, would they let you work in China if you have had a cancer tumor removed (5 years ago) and everything has been fine since? By the way it was breast cancer.

    • China Expat Health Team China Expat Health Team says:

      Hi Dani, thank you for getting in touch. As far as we know, it wouldn’t be a problem with the medical check up. You should be able to work in China normally.

  • Avatar AQUIB says:

    Hey, What if a person heart is bigger than normal size (cardiomegaly) which appears in Chest X-ray result, will this effect the Z visa Application/or the rejection of visa? Please let me know. Thank you…..

  • Avatar Bela Lugosi says:

    I heard that recently they started doing drug tests on medical check. Can you confirm this and if it’s true what kind of test are they using for that (urine, bloodwork or hair tests)?

    • China Expat Health Team China Expat Health Team says:

      Thanks for commenting! I know they do blood tests as part of the medical screening, but apart from that we are unsure if they do any drug tests. We specialise in health insurance for expats. So if you might need coverage in the future, let us know.

  • Avatar Katie Lun says:

    Hi, I am seeking teaching work and an interview I had scheduled was cancelled because I have paroxysmal atrial fibrillation. They said I was a risk. I am on beta blockers. Hadn’t had an episode for 3 or so years so all going well. Is this going to be a problem to get a visa and medical insurance in China?

    • China Expat Health Team China Expat Health Team says:

      Hello, and thanks for commenting. I cannot comment on whether this will hurt your chances of getting a visa, although I doubt it would hurt your chances. I suggest you should check with a professional visa agent. It will complicate getting medical insurance, although we cannot say for certain until we have more information on your medical condition and checked back with various insurance companies. I’ll email you so you have our direct contact information should you wish to discuss this further.

  • Avatar Ella says:

    Hello, I am preparing to submit the documents I need to obtain the Alien Employment Permit on the PRC. But I before I can get that permit I have to submit a medical certificate. Do you know what do I need to check? Because they don’t give me any information of what do I have to check at the Hospital. Thank you.

    • China Expat Health Team China Expat Health Team says:

      Hello and thanks for commenting. I believe check up centers such as Renai (if you’re in Shanghai) would know the requirements of a health checkup for a work permit. This isn’t our area of expertise, however i believe most standard medical check-ups which would normally include blood tests, x-rays, physical examination and a urine sample would suffice.

  • Avatar Barry says:

    Hi.Can you pass the medical check to teach at a kindergarten or training center from the Medical check hospitals if you test positive for HSV-1

  • Avatar Daniel says:

    Hey can My Fiance still work On a Z visa if she is Pregnant?

  • Avatar Lola says:

    Hi will declaring herpes 2 on Z visa medical application be cause for denial? Would love to hear about your plans and quotes, thanks!

  • Avatar Lucy says:

    Hi, do they do drug test as part of the medical and also will they allow someone in if they have previous old self harm scars on your arms? I have not done it for years but am scared they will refuse me

  • Avatar Julian says:

    Will I get denied if my test result will be positive for syphilis even it had been treated one year ago but is still in the blood?

  • Avatar Nick says:

    Gréât article ! Any hints on where I can do this process in Zhengzhou?

    I’ve been looking for foreign friendly hospital to do my medical check for my visa

  • Avatar Andy says:

    Will the health check test for past marijuana usage. It is legal in my home country and I have used it before, I’m wondering if this will be an issue?

    • Avatar Rob says:

      Hi Andy, thanks for commenting. Unfortuantely we’re not experts on these types of tests. My best guess is drugs tests aren’t part of it but I can’t be sure. You could maybe as a visa agent or the check-up center directly.

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Click here to comment on this article. We'll answer your questions.