Common Outpatient Treatments Covered by China Expat Health Insurance

Do you fully understand your outpatient treatment options in China? Do you need medical insurance that covers outpatient care? As an expat in China, you always need to keep one step ahead of the game. 

As expats, we are continually jumping through red tape at every turn. So you must simplify your China expat health insurance needs. Especially when figuring out what treatments are covered. 

Are you currently an expat in China seeking impartial advice on the best insurance policies? How do you find out about the best hospitals that suit expats? How about sourcing the most affordable insurance policies? We have the answers to your questions.

China Health Insurance & Medical Care Sector

We want to help you to find a comprehensive insurance plan for expats in China that covers common outpatient treatments. And also the additional benefits you can get by securing a viable and reliable policy.

When talking about the Chinese private health care industry, you might be surprised in regards to the high standards. People get the wrong idea about China. They read things in the Western news and already decide what they think they know about China. However, life is not that simple. And China’s private health sector is as good as any in the world. 

If you have a viable China expat health insurance policy, you can get access to some of the best hospital chains in the world. And although 95% of Chinese have basic public health care, it is basic. And even if your health insurance policy at work gives you public health care access, you will not get the outpatient services you need in times of trouble. In most cases, even the most common outpatient treatments are not covered by the public health system.

What Common Outpatient Treatments Are Covered by Private Health Insurance?

What common outpatient treatments are covered by a private health insurance policy? It depends on which policy you choose. However, we would recommend that you carefully peruse the small print of policies to find out what outpatient treatments are covered.

China expat health insurance is more focused on international hospitals and offering international-style treatments and services. 

Here is a list of common outpatient treatments that your policy should cover:

  • Meeting consultants, practitioners, and for general check-ups 
  • Costs for specialist visits and referrals 
  • Alternative options for therapies and treatments 
  • Standard Medications
  • Prescriptions medications for outpatients 
  • Diagnostic tests scans etc… 
  • Scheduled health check-ups
  • Medically necessary home nursing
  • Physiotherapy
  • Medical supplies, like splints and casts
  • Preventive treatments such as screening services
  • Lab tests

These are the basic and most common outpatient treatments that should be covered in your China expat health insurance policy. So always bear that in mind.

Benefits of China Expat Health Insurance Outpatient Treatments 

Although the above-mentioned outpatient treatments are the basics that should be included in your expat insurance policy in China, here are some reasons why you need the access to international-style insurance plans:

Multilingual Doctors and Specialists

If you are an expat living in China, gaining access to additional services could be the difference between life and death. Getting access to multilingual doctors and specialists is an essential service. Having doctors that can speak your language is reassuring. Communication could play a major factor. This is a major benefit you get with a quality health insurance policy.

Trusted and Reliable Medical Treatments

Having a quality China expat health insurance plan will give you access to the best international medical treatments and facilities. This is the ultimate benefit of an insurance plan that covers outpatient treatments. This will give you the option to choose specialist doctors across a broad network of health providers in your policy. If you have a young family, having access to quality outpatient care is essential. You must consider the benefits for your family by getting the correct insurance policy.

Access to Choices 

If you purchase a solid China ex-pat health insurance plan, you will get access to a wide range of medical facilities and services. It’s all about options and choices. And this is why so many expats opt for private coverage. Even if they already have health insurance coverage at work. Going to the hospital can also be very expensive, so having common outpatient treatments will cut down on your overall medical costs.

How Can I Source the Best Expat China Health Insurance Plans?

Being brutally honest, the China private health insurance industry is a murky and dark place to explore alone. Unless you are already insurance or medical professional, it’s difficult to know where to start? 

When you are trying to find the best prices for anything, you need to shop around. This is the same process you need to undergo when trying to find a reliable China health insurance policy for expats. If you fail to do your research, you will pay more for your insurance plan. It’s the way of the world. Shop around.

However, if you do not know what you want or what questions to ask, you need to get some expert yet impartial advice from professionals.

Our services as a China Insurance Broker

If you want to get the most affordable and value-for-money China expat health insurance policy, you need to hire the services of an insurance broker. Brokers are immensely different from insurance companies or insurance providers.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies and providers focus on getting you to sign on the dotted line. It’s in their best interest to sign you up at any cost. Individual insurance companies play a numbers game and are not concerned with your best interests. You might strike it lucky, but you might not. It really is a merry-go-round.

Insurance Brokers

What you need in this situation is a reliable insurance broker. It’s the broker’s job to ensure you, their client, get access to several prospective policies from insurance companies so you can compare prices and make the best-educated choices. An insurance broker works for you and tries to get you the best deals that suit your needs and budget. They are impartial and understand the local Chinese health insurance industry, its rates, and its regulations. When you need the best recommendations with your best interests in mind, hiring a broker is essential.

To ensure you have access to the most common outpatient treatments, you need to find the ideal China ex-pat health insurance plan. Make sure you have a reliable broker on hand to help. And make sure you know exactly what you want from your policy. By following these simple rules, you will be fully covered and fully at ease.