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  • 24 hour helpline in China: 400-613-0330
  • 24 hour helpline outside China: +86-21-6187-330
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Claim mailing address: MSH CHINA Claim Center
    5/F, North Tower, Building 9, Lujiazui Software Park, Lane 91, E Shan Road, Pudong,
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Contacting The Emergency Services

  • Call an ambulance: 120
  • Call the fire department: 119
  • Call the police: 110

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Pre-authorization Items

You need to contact your insurer before you receive any of these treatments unless it’s an emergency. If it’s an emergency you, a friend or a family member must notify the insurer within 48 hours.

1. Hospitalization
2. Emergency Medical Evacuation Emergency
3. Outpatient surgery requiring general anesthesia; Chemotherapy and radiation treatments; Hemodialysis & Peritoneal dialysis treatment
4. Purchase or rental of Durable Medical Equipment (DME)including but not limited to insulin pumps and supplies
5. Dental Treatment (immediate pain relief is not required to be pre-authorized)
6. Medications or immunizations in excess of RMB 8,000 per refil

High-cost Providers

Some insurance plans do not have full cover in the below medical facilities. To check whether your plan provides cover in these facilities refer to your insurance card or insurance certificate.

1. ParkwayHealth Clinics / Gleneagles International Medical & Surgical Center (In all cities except Beijing and Hong Kong)
2. United Family Hospitals and Clinics (Beijing, Shanghai, and other cities if any)
3. Hong Kong Adventist Hospital-Stubbs Road
4. Matilda International Hospital (Hong Kong)
5. Shanghai Redleaf International Women's & Children's Hospital
6. Shanghai Global HealthCare
7. Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital
8. Shanghai East International Medical Center
9. Mount Elizabeth Hospital (Singapore)
10. Gleneagles Hospital (Singapore)
11. Raffles Medical (formerly International SOS Clinic) (Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing, Shenzhen, and other cities if any)
12. Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital(Singapore)
13. Gleneagles Hospital (Singapore)

How To Make A Claim

  • Once you receive treatment ensure the medical provider gives you a chopped medical fapiao, medical report including diagnosis and list of medications prescribed
  • If available you can submit your claim via the insurance company’s website or app
  • Download a claims application form form the ‘Download Useful Documents’ section of this page and complete the form as best you can.
  • Scan and send all documentation including the claim application form to [email protected]
  • The insurer will then confirm that all documentation is in order and will ask you to submit the original claim documents to the insurance company. If it is a non-China claim scanned copies may suffice.
  • The insurer will email you the claim application result and will reimburse eligible claim amounts to you bank account.

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