David Shield

David Shield China Health Insurance

David Shield was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Cyprus, they operate in over 100 countries, mainly throughout Europe, North America, and Israel. David Shield is an international health insurance MGU through which their clients have access to healthcare globally. They also have formed strategic alliances with many of the world’s leading insurance companies and healthcare providers, including Allianz SE Group, White Mountains Insurance Group, and UnitedHealthcare Services.

David Shield is also a very popular health insurance choice among the global Jewish expat community.


David Shield’s aim is to provide a unique core solution for health insurance and exceptional customer service. They provide multilingual services that aid in making healthcare available globally through their brokers and resources. they also offer free choice of medical providers worldwide by not limiting their members to specific providers, suppliers, or zones.

Coverage Area

David Shield has a strong global presence and offers two coverage plans. One being worldwide with the exclusion of the United States and the other being their “USA” plan that is global with the inclusion of the United States.

DavidCard and Prior Notice

A unique service of David Shield is their DavidCard, a “patent-pending” magnetic card that aids in direct payment of their member’s health services. The aim of this card is to reimburse their clients in real time by loading funds to the card online. Members receive their services and can pay by the swipe of a card with no out of pocket expenses or claims to be filed for delayed reimbursement. Due to their aim to provide direct payment for services, much of what they cover is dependent on prior notice by their clients. Generally speaking, clients must inform them no less than 72 hours before services or non-emergent hospitalization will be received. For maternity coverage, notice must be provided within the first three months of pregnancy. In emergency circumstances, notice can be provided at a max of 48 hours after hospitalization. In instances where prior notice is not received coverage can be reduced by up to 50%.  

Coverage Plans

David Shield offers individual and family plans with extensive medical coverage, including but not limited to doctor’s visits, childbirth, well baby and well child visits, surgery, hospitalization, and transplants.