Essential Guide to China Cancer Insurance and Why You Need it

One of the most common causes of death and suffering on Planet Earth is cancer. If you are an expat living in China and you are not covered against the big ‘C’, you need to seriously consider your China cancer insurance options right now.

The Chinese public health system has severe limitations, and dealing with cancer patients is one of them. Nobody enjoys thinking about worst-case scenarios, but if you are an expat, you need to think about getting China cancer insurance to give you peace of mind. And it could just save your life.

Why Do You Need China Cancer Insurance?

It’s projected that there will be almost 2 million new cancer patients in the US alone in 2020. Over 600,00 deaths are expected from that figure. Cancer is the second-highest killer of people annually across the world. Second only to cardiovascular problems. And more than double the death rate of respiratory diseases and diabetes that are in third and fourth places respectively.

Starting with the good news, cancer has been on the decline in recent years with 29% fewer death cases across the US. This is because we understand cancer more than ever before. We are learning how to treat it properly, and that awareness and education are helping to fight back. US citizens are more aware than ever before of the importance of insurance coverage to treat cancer.

However, the cancer situation in China is a much starker and darker affair. In 2014, China was ranked in the first position for new cases and deaths from cancer globally. China is going in the opposite direction to the US, having between 21% and 27% of the new cancer cases and deaths globally in 2014. The situation has reached a fever pitch.

How can you do something about this? By obtaining a viable China cancer insurance policy for expats. Getting insurance coverage has been one of the main reasons why death rates from cancer are on the decline in the US. It’s time for expats in China to start doing the same.

Understanding China Cancer Insurance & Medical Expenses

As an expat, getting a quality China cancer insurance policy is essential. We are also seeing more Chinese people understanding that their public health system doesn’t really help cancer patients properly. As more than 4 million people in China are diagnosed with cancer annually, it’s a serious issue that needs to be tackled by better prevention.

We all know that eating healthy and taking care of yourself are preventative measures against cancer. They’re preventive measures against almost everything. Although in reality, cancer can attack the healthy as well. There is no blueprint. The bets are off the table. 

The Chinese public health system doesn’t cover cancer for expats because medical expenses can be massive. And although the Chinese government is looking to ensure that everyone, especially poor people, receives public health options, the economy cannot afford to cover the expenses of over 4 million cancer patients yearly.

Cancer Costs in China

Did you know that a single round of chemotherapy can cost in the region of 5500-6000 RMB in China? A single chemo session for cervical cancer can cost 6500 RMB per visit. If you are needing several rounds of chemo, which is almost standard for the adequate treatment of cancer, it will cost a small fortune. The financial burden is immense. Chinese nationals will receive some reimbursement from the public health system, but not nearly enough.

It’s been stated that the national medical costs of treating lung cancer alone in China are over $10 million annually. Under the current system, poor Chinese people with malignant tumors can get basic treatments and insurance reimbursement. And although some insurance companies are working with the government to improve the situation, getting China Cancer Insurance when you are an expat in the country is important. Especially if you have a family history of cancer issues.

What Should You Expect from Your Cancer Insurance Coverage?

Are you in the age group that is most affected by cancer? More than 9 out of 10 people who are diagnosed with cancer are 45 years old or older. The statistics show that 28% of new cancer cases are attributed to people over 74 years old.

If you are an expat living in China who is 45 years old or older, you need to consider your options right now. 

What China cancer insurance coverage options do you have? And what should you expect to be covered against?

  • Coverage Against All Cancers – A solid China Cancer Insurance policy will cover all cancer types. Unless your family genetics are susceptible to a single cancer type, you need to ensure you are covered against all types of cancer.
  • Diagnostic Tests – Make sure your policy covers diagnostic tests.
  • Chemotherapy Treatments – As discussed above, the largest financial outlay when battling cancer is massive chemotherapy costs. You need to ensure you are covered for all chemo treatments.
  • Lengthy Hospital Stays – Make sure that lengthy hospital stays are included in your policy. And make sure these are for the best international hospitals in China
  • Medications – It’s equally important to ensure that your policy covers medications. Because recovering from cancer can be a long journey, medication costs can mount up.

How Can I Find a Viable Cancer Insurance Policy in China?

Any expat the world over will already know how important it is to guard yourself against rip-off merchants. We are prime targets as expats. It’s even more important that you source a China cancer insurance policy that is affordable and covers all eventualities.

But how do you ensure that insurance companies and providers are not taking you for a ride? You secure the services of a reliable China insurance broker to work in your corner.

Differences Between an Insurance Broker and an Insurance Provider

If you have ever visited the offices of an insurance company/provider before, you will already know they are desperately trying to sell you their policies. It’s their job to obtain you as an ongoing customer. It’s how they make their profits. However, your best interests are not really their concern. Getting you to sign on the dotted line is!

The insurance broker is a different beast entirely. Insurance brokers work for their clients. Brokers work for you and work to find you the best selection of insurance policies for you to compare. A broker works in your best interests and ensures you do not get ripped off. Brokers keep the insurance companies honest. This is why you need an insurance broker pronto for your China cancer insurance needs.

How a Broker Can Find you the Best Deal?

A reliable and reputable China insurance broker such as ourselves already understands the local insurance market. We understand the sector, policy prices, and we know the most reliable insurance providers to work with, and ultimately, we will simplify your whole experience. 

We will source a myriad of China cancer insurance policies and give you the best impartial advice on your options. A broker will explain everything in painstaking detail so you fully understand your options and costs. We will help you to compare the policies from insurance companies.

Obtaining the services of a quality insurance broker will be the best choice you ever make. Especially if you want to safeguard your interests… and your wallet.

In the modern world of today, being insured against cancer is almost essential. As an expat in China, it’s even more important. We can help you to sleep peacefully at night by finding you the best choice of cancer insurance policies in China.