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The Ultimate Guide to Health Insurance in China

Anyone who has ever considered buying health insurance in China for themselves or their family may have ended up purchasing whichever policy someone recommended rather than what …

Do I Really Need Health Insurance in China?

Health insurance covers your medical treatment costs. Yet among the thousands of expats we help, we often hear “I don’t think I need medical insurance at the moment.” This is indeed true for some people, …

Medical Insurance for a China Work Permit or Work Visa Application

China Expat Health, an expat-focused insurance broker, has compared different insurance plans for senior professionals in China in order to offer the most competitively priced option for expats who wish …

Healthcare in China – What You Need to Know

The key to navigating the Chinese healthcare system is keeping costs down by choosing the right medical insurance plan, knowing how to prepare for maternity costs and knowing where to go and how much it will cost.

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Health Insurance in China

The Ultimate Guide to Health Insurance in China

| China Healthcare, Latest News, Medical Insurance | No Comments
I’ve lived in China for almost 10 years and have worked in medical insurance in China since 2012. The contents of this guide are what I would tell my best...

Our Services Are Free, So How Do We Make Money?

| Latest News, Medical Insurance | No Comments
We are a China-licensed insurance broker. And as such we do not charge our clients anything for our services. This can make some clients suspicious that there might be some...
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How Smoking in China Affects Your Medical Insurance – Quit Smoking

| China Healthcare, Health & Safety, Latest News, Medical Insurance | No Comments
A lot of people in China smoke. And as you’ve probably seen in the bars and outside cafe’s a large number of expats in China also smoke. But how does...

Guide to The Most Popular Expat Health Insurance Plans in China

| China Healthcare, Latest News, Medical Insurance | No Comments
At China Expat Health we have thousands of expatriate clients. As a result, we’re in a good position to look at which insurance companies, plans and benefits are popular with...
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