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Top International Hospitals for Expats in Beijing

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As the Chinese capital and cultural center, there is a large number of Beijing international hospitals and clinics. What Exactly is an International Medical Facility? Fortunately in Beijing you have...

A China corporate healthcare concierge

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Here at China Expat Health we consider ourselves to be a healthcare concierge for large companies and international schools. Due to language and culture differences, Simple things like just going…

In China, water needs filtered too

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Air pollution is always attracts all the attention when it comes to environmental problems commonly faced by expats living in China. A quick glance at the headlines, particularly around the…

Having a Baby at a Chinese Hospital: Foreign Couples Guide

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With the rising cost of maternity packages in international clinics, greater numbers of foreigners and expats are having babies in Chinese hospitals. The common perception of local hospitals from an...
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December 8, 2015

A China corporate healthcare concierge