Allianz China General is the local insurer Allianz Care uses for medical insurance in China. Allianz is one of the 3 major international medical insurers.

How we and our client’s rate them:

allianz chinaPrice: Medium
China Direct Billing:  7/10
Cover:  8/10
Overseas Capabilities:  9/10
Service:  Good
Popularity:  8/10
Direct Billing?  Yes
Online servicing?  Yes
Portable to other countries when you leave China?  Yes (restrictions apply)
Lifetime renewability?  Yes

*These ratings are subjective and based on our industry experience and feedback from our clients.

The pros

  • Great for people who will use their insurance outside Mainland China
  • Most flexible plan options on the market, you can choose your level of deductible and whether to add maternity, dental or wellness
  • Can submit claims and search for hospitals on their app
  • Extensive offshore network
  • Offers the some of the richest benefits on their top-level plans
  • Quarterly premium payment option available

The cons

  • Can only issue policies to people with a Shanghai residence address.
  • Strict underwriting and can require more paperwork if you have pre-existing conditions.
  • For people over 60 years require a medical report to apply.