Please note that this insurer is unlicensed and unregulated in PR China, and therefore we cannot help you get insured with this unregulated insurer.  

The good news however is that there are quality global brand insurers that are licensed and regulated in PR China. The Global brand insurers have local offices (usually Beijing and Shanghai), and offer local 24/7 multilingual emergency hotlines, and local language and customer support, making them much better suited to expats living in China. 

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Interglobal Insurance China Health Insurance

Interglobal Insurance is a worldwide provider of international health insurance based in the United Kingdom. Interglobal was founded in 1998 as a joint venture between The inter Group (UK) and Mike Henry Group (NZ). Each company was already well established and internationally recognized and since the creation of Interglobal it has become a global leader in international health insurance.

Area of Cover

Interglobal works to help expatriates across the globe to find the right health insurance.

They currently have locations in Australia, Asia, Europe, Canada, Central America, and South America but are based in Medley, Florida in the United State.

International Health Insurance Plans

They offer three different medical insurance plans, one is a global individual and family plan with four different levels each varying is coverage level. Which they advertise to as a long term, flexible plan styled like medical insurance plans from major U.S insurers. Their next two plans are global medical insurance plans designed for professional marine captains and crew members. One being an individual and family plan with 4 different plan options each with varying levels of coverage. The second is for individuals or groups of two or more for professional marine crew.


Interglobal aims to provide all of a client’s insurance needs within one company. They offer truck insurance, commercial insurance, personal auto insurance, international health insurance, student insurance, travel insurance, life and health insurance, as well as other services. They work with Lloyds of London, National Indemnity Company, Canal Insurance, AmWINS Speciality Auto, AIG, Windhaven Insurance, Northland Insurance, National General Insurance, Markel, and Progressive Commercial. Although they provide this variety of services, they specialize in truck insurance.