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As the Chinese capital and cultural center, there is a large number of Beijing international hospitals and clinics.

What Exactly is an International Medical Facility?

Fortunately in Beijing you have access to a variety of
different types of medical facility, everything from public hospitals to public VIP wards and private medical hospitals and clinics.

International medical facilities are hospitals or clinics which use international-standard management practices and service standards. To put it another way international clinics are similar to the GP or family doctor services you would find in Western countries. As an added bonus they usually have better service and accessing treatment is very prompt.

What are the Disadvantages of International Hospitals & Clinics in Beijing?

  • Sometimes the best doctors for rare or serious medical conditions can only be found in public hospitals and their VIP wards.
  • As the clinics are run for profit they sometimes recommend more intervention or medication than is necessarily in your best interests.
  • International clinics are expensive, a typical doctors consultation fee is between CNY 1,000 and CNY 3,000 – so make sure you’ve got good medical insurance.
  • Not all insurance plans cover all international clinics. Some clinics, such as United Family Health, are designated as ‘high-cost providers’ by insurance companies and most plans do not cover them or only partially cover these medical facilities.

Popular International Clinics in Beijing

Beijing United Family Hospital (BJU) is arguably Beijing’s best-known international facility. It classified as a high-cost provider for medical insurance. 
The hospital has imported medical equipment and modern facilities, and has the capability to treat medical issues from minor ailments all the way up to severe illnesses. They have a 24 hour emergency and intensive care services which are among the most advanced in Beijing.

Beijing United Family was the first medical facility in China to receive accreditation from the nonprofit, Joint Commission International (JCI). This mean the facilities and standard of care meet an international standard and are comparable with the best medical facilties in the US and Europe.

You can check out our Beijing hospital map which has a full list of popular clinics amongst expatriates.

Some other popular international clinics amongst our clients and even amongst our staff are: OASIS International Hospital, Parkway Health and Hong Kong International Medical Clinic.

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