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China Medical Evacuation & Repatriation Insurance for Expats

If you are an expat working or living in China, it’s important to get full medical insurance coverage for any eventuality. And although you...

How to Downgrade Your China Expat Health Insurance Plan

As the world is currently in economic turmoil in the aftermath of COVID-19, everyone is feeling the financial pinch. We are all looking for...

China Expat Life Insurance for Expats with Families & Dependants

Do expats in China need life insurance? Life insurance is sometimes the elephant in the room. We don’t like to talk about it but it’s...

Coronavirus (COVID-19) & China Health Insurance

Does My Health Insurance Cover Coronavirus? Some people are wondering whether their China health insurance covers coronavirus or (COVID-19) treatment. If you are on any...

Cost of Medical Treatment in China

The Cost of Medical Treatment in China Vs The Cost of Insurance Your health is priceless,  but we often hear from expats in China that...
medical insurance in china

The Ultimate Guide to Health Insurance in China

I’ve lived in China for almost 10 years and have worked in medical insurance in China since 2012. The contents of this guide are what I would tell my best friend if we were sitting and having a coffee or a drink, and he asked me for the best advice about what he should do for his medical insurance. This is the definitive guide.

How Smoking in China Affects Your Medical Insurance – Quit Smoking

A lot of people in China smoke. And as you’ve probably seen in the bars and outside cafe’s a large number of expats in...

Guide to The Most Popular Expat Health Insurance Plans in China

At China Expat Health we have thousands of expatriate clients. As a result, we’re in a good position to look at which insurance companies,...

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