As an international school teacher in Beijing, make sure to get your adult physical examination before the end of your current school year.

Not only does obtaining a routine health check each year serve as a preventative and early warning mechanism against illnesses that otherwise could have become much more serious in future, but they also enable you to meet with your doctor to evaluate your current state of health and lifestyle habits, and create a comprehensive strategy on taking the next steps to meet your long-term health goals.

Nearly all high-end group medical insurance plans in China include a wellness or annual health check-up benefit, and nearly all the private hospitals and clinics in China have health check-up packages that fall within your plan’s benefit limit. Critically, if your plan includes a deductible or a co-pay, usually this does not apply to the adult physical examination, which means even if you’ve not used your insurance or visited the Doctor this academic year, you have immediate and full access to this benefit. Please note if the price of the package is more than your plan’s benefit limit, you will need to pay the difference out-of-pocket.

In addition to the routine adult physical examination, many insurance plans will also cover an annual pap smear, an annual prostate cancer screening and an annual mammogram.

Here’s a summary of the international school teacher tailored health check-up packages at some of Beijing’s most well-known clinics and hospitals: