Health Insurance for Pilots & AirCrew / CabinCrew

Health Insurance for Pilots & CabinCrew

The coverage needs for pilots and aircrew /cabincrew are a bit more demanding than for the average man on the street.

For one thing, working in the air and not in a specific location means you need a very flexible package.

And just spending extended periods away from home, never staying in the same spot for long, always on the move, can make it difficult to keep up with not only healthcare but also finding the time to put in a claim with your health insurer.

In many ways those who work aboard aircraft are permanent expats. It can be very difficult for such employees to find suitable coverage which not only protects themselves, but also their family members if they are living in different jurisdictions

For such a unique kind of insurance customer, aircrew can face rather a tough time when looking for the right kind of coverage which suits their diverse needs. But we at China Expat Health, with our broad reach to multiple networks covering practically the entire globe, and expert knowledge of the myriad of products on offer, can deliver to you a tailor-made product to give you peace of mind.

And similarly, due to their relatively unusual needs, aircrews may face rather expensive premiums once they have found their package. But it need not be this way.

China Expat Health can source the right kind of coverage without you having to break the bank. Furthermore, group packages offer great savings and service benefits which anyone working aboard an aircraft may need during the course of their career.

Whether you are a pilot, cabin crew, engineer or other “flying permanent expat”, we have access to a range of packages especially designed for your needs.

Such is the nature of the job, long and often very stressful hours are necessary, in conditions which frankly are not conducive to long term habitation.

The best of us feel exhausted and jet-lagged after a long-haul flight, but, unlike aircrew, most people will likely have time to rest and recuperate completely before their next energy-sapping flight.

But even frequent flyers such as executives and other business people don’t fly as frequently as airline crews – the impact on your health can be significant and you may be prone to illness more than those working on the ground.

Constantly changing air pressure, climate zone, irregular eating and sleeping times, jumping from one timezone to another so regularly – this is the lifestyle of those who work in the air and it presents a challenge to sustaining good health.

But matter how often you are in the air, or where you are when you land, it pays to have the right health insurance package.

Don’t hesitate to call or email us today to find out how we can find we can deliver to you the appropriate coverage your demanding job requires.