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These are our most popular guides which our clients tell us they find useful when deciding on which insurance plan to choose.

China Maternity Insurance & Having a Baby in China

Pregnancy insurance is officially known as maternity insurance. If you are planning on having a baby in China it is important that you are...

Ultimate China Health Insurer Service Comparison

A lot of people don’t realize that whether or not you will be satisfied with your health insurance plan, boils down to how good...
medical insurance in china

The Ultimate Guide to Health Insurance in China

I’ve lived in China for almost 10 years and have worked in medical insurance in China since 2012. The contents of this guide are what I would tell my best friend if we were sitting and having a coffee or a drink, and he asked me for the best advice about what he should do for his medical insurance. This is the definitive guide.

Guide to The Most Popular Expat Health Insurance Plans in China

At China Expat Health we have thousands of expatriate clients. As a result, we’re in a good position to look at which insurance companies,...

Do I Really Need Health Insurance in China?

Health insurance covers your medical treatment costs. Yet among the thousands of expats we help, we often hear “I don’t think I need medical...

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