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Do I Really Need Health Insurance in China?

Health insurance covers your medical treatment costs. Yet among the thousands of expats we help, we often hear “I don’t think I need medical insurance at the moment.” This is indeed true for some people, …

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The Ultimate Guide to Health Insurance in China

Anyone who has ever considered buying health insurance in China for themselves or their family may have ended up purchasing whichever policy someone recommended rather than what …

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China Maternity Insurance & Having a Baby in China

Pregnancy insurance is officially known as maternity insurance. If you are planning on having a baby in China it is important that you are covered for birth, prenatal, postnatal and emergency…

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Guide to The Most Popular Health Insurance Plans in China

At China Expat Health we have thousands of expatriate clients. As a result, we’re in a good position to look at which insurance companies, plans and benefits are popular with expats in China and why.

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Cost of Medical Treatment in China

The cost of medical treatment in China can be very low or very expensive depending on what treatment you need, where you live and what type of medical facility you visit. This comprehensive guide to China …

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China Hospital Maps

How can you find international hospitals and clinics in China as a foreigner? It’s very difficult but don’t worry, we’ve got you. The below maps are interactive and note the locations of hospitals…

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[star rating=”3.9″ max=”5″]

Excellent customer service! Provided all the info I needed – actually changed my plan because of this



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[star rating=”5″ max=”5″]

Top quality global plan at a reasonable price considering it includes US cover



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[star rating=”4.5″ max=”5″]

Very knowledgeable staff. Reassuring, totally understood our requirements



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[star rating=”4″ max=”5″]

Thanks for helping me get a discount, you are professional, responsive and helpful.



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