Years Of Experience

About China Expat Health

Our leadership team is dedicated to delivering our core values,

Helping you find the best health insurance plans, tailored to suit your family’s needs.

We understand your primary concern is to ensure your family has great health insurance; to protect YOUR family should some unfortunate accident or health related matter occur – and we exist to service this need.

We live our core values everyday through interactions with our clients and each other:

  • Long term relationships built on Trust.
  • We lead with Genuine Caring and a customer-centric philosophy.
  • We are obsessed with Adding Value and enhancing our customers’ experience.
  • We are committed to the Quality of our work.
  • We are Driven to find and chase opportunities for learning, growth and excellence.

China Expat Health is a specialist health insurance consultant (broker), based in Shanghai, China.

Our purpose is to help China based expat families find the best health insurance, tailored to their family’s needs.

Our niche is helping China based expat families who are living long term in China

Our team are also China based long term expats, based in Shanghai.

What you will get by contacting us:

  1. Health insurer comparisons (saving you time).
  2. Health insurance benefit comparisons (saving you time).
  3. Health insurance price comparisons (saving you time).
  4. Expert advice on which health insurers REALLY protect your family (peace of mind for protecting your family).
  5. Expert advice on which health insurers DO NOT protect your family (usually the ones offering pricing too good to be true), (peace of mind for protecting your family).
  6. Advice on where and how to use your health insurance for routine claims (practical knowledge).
  7. Essential knowledge for medical emergencies in China, what to do, who to call, how to get to a hospital (peace of mind for protecting your family).
  8. Year round support if you ever have any issues with your insurer (peace of mind for protecting your family).