Individual Health Insurance Plans

You may be solo in China but with China Expat Health as your trusted insurance broker, you will never be alone if you run into bad fortune and accident or illness strikes.

If you’re here on your own, away from family members and or trusted friends, the need to be properly covered is even more urgent. Simply put, if something happened, there may be no-one to help you out in your time of need.

You may be too sick to do anything, or take care of hospital treatment paperwork or formalities. Such things can be a problem even for those with trusted companions in their everyday life. The last you would need is be to be stuck on your own without any insurance cover whatsoever, worrying about how you are going to manage it all and get back on your feet.

Of course you may be here with your family, but for whatever reason some members of your household may not be covered by the same policy. Here at China Expat Health we can either help you assess the best options – either individual coverage for those not covered, or finding a way to put everyone on the same policy.

One of the main advantages however of an individual plan is that it can be tailored to suit your specific needs.If you partake in high-risk activities, such as certain kinds of sports, we can help you find options which will cover you to fit your lifestyle and let you got on with your life and enjoy it to the full.

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