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We are one of the largest independent medical insurance specialists in Asia that specializes in ensuring that foreign nationals and expats have the right level of medical health cover

Medical insurance in China


We have worked hard to develop strong relationships with more than 60 different medical insurance providers that specialize in international coverage and we are able to find the best possible health coverage for you

China health insurance


Many of the advisors are expats too, so we understand the challenges that you face when you have to deal with a confusing healthcare system and the insurance that goes with it


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For Families and Individuals

As you and your family begin your move to China, unexpected accidents may occur that your family will need to be prepared for. We offer both international and local services to ensure your family is prepared for anything, so you can protect what matters most.

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For Groups

We offer many packages for small to medium-sized companies that offer cheap, low risk insurance packages for all types of business owners. Our customized packages ensure you will find exactly what you need for your growing business, while keeping your non-essential premiums at a low cost to you.

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Pre-Existing Conditions

As the number of pre-existing conditions that have arisen in patients continues to go up, the knowledge regarding whether they will affect your insurance has gone down. Pre-existing conditions can be a confusing subject characterized by lack of specificity and knowledge based on your individual needs. Our clear, easily defined pre-existing condition coverage will thoroughly explain what are pre-existing conditions and options we can provide for you.

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Maternity Insurance

For those looking to start a family, it is never too early to start planning ahead. We strive to give you the best maternity packages from a range of prices that best fit your lifestyle. Our maternity health insurance is here to answer your questions surrounding cost, hospital care, and the best plans for you, so you can focus on starting your family care free.

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