Guangzhou Expat Healthcare & Insurance

As the third largest city in China, behind Beijing and Shanghai, and a modern metropolis, there is a plethora of options for expats and foreigners looking for health insurance options in Guangzhou. 

Guangzhou is the provincial capital of GuangDong, and therefore is a political, economic, technological, and cultural hub. Due to being a port city, Guangzhou is also famous for foreign trade. Guangzhou sits on the northern edge of the Pearl River Delta.  

Weather shouldn’t be much of a concern for expats in Guangzhou as it is relatively moderate. The climate of Guangzhou is classified as a humid subtropical climate, meaning they have warm winters, with minimal frost or snow, and hot summers with a sufficient amount of rainfall.  

Hospitals and medical facilities in Guangzhou

There are quality healthcare options in Guangzhou; this includes several private hospitals that are too up to international standards. Generally, health physicians in the private sector in Guangzhou have training internationally. Expats usually avoid public hospitals due to the typically lower standard of care offered. Some hospitals in the public sector do have “VIP wards”/”Special Needs wards” with reasonably up-to-date medical technology and physicians who speak English. Foreigners are often asked to provide a deposit before admission into the facility to cover the expected cost of treatment. 

Expats should also recognize that some hospitals in Guangzhou only accept certain insurance providers, so to avoid higher costs, they should do some research before choosing a provider or receiving treatment. 

Below is a list of international and private medical facilities in Guangzhou:

  • Bellaire International Clinic
  • Eur Am International Medical Center
  • Global Doctor – Guangzhou Clinic
  • Distinct HealthCare-Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town Medical Center 
  • Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital International Medical Services
  • United Family Guangzhou Clinic
  • Guangzhou CanAm International Medical Center
  • Guangzhou Wanzhi(HK)Medical Clinic
  • New Omega Medical Center

Health issues for expats in Guangzhou

According to the World Health Organization things expats should be concerned about in Guangzhou are the low air quality and low water quality due to the pollution levels in the city. The air pollution and water pollution levels are both categorized as high. These are things that affect expats and locals alike and should be taken into account when deciding to live there. 

Along with low water quality in Guangzhou, like any city in China, it is also inadvisable to drink the tap water. However, running out of water is never a concern. Guangzhou gets their water from the river and then uses plants to purify it into drinking water. However, these purification plants add to the air pollution levels in the city. Though the tap water is not safe to consume, it is safe for washing and handling food.