Health Insurance for Expats Relocating to China with Medical Conditions

Relocating to any country when you have pre-existing medical conditions can be an ordeal. So you must obtain expert advice if you are relocating to China with medical conditions. Especially in terms of securing a solid health insurance plan that covers all eventualities concerning your medical status.

You must make the right decisions now and get organized. If not, your relocation is doomed to fail. There are so many moving parts in such an operation, so you need to keep on top of things. Let’s find out more about your medical insurance options and other issues when relocating to China and why you need the expertise of a reliable insurance broker to fight your corner.

Things to Consider When Relocating to China with Medical Conditions

It’s reported in some sources that by 2025 almost 250 million migrants will be moved from rural areas and farms to major cities. The face of China has been constantly changing.

It’s also been reported that in 2017 almost one million foreigners had relocated or were living in China. The country is a mass of moving parts and is constantly reshaping, especially in major cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzen, and Guangdong. In many regards, China is already well-equipped to deal with foreign expats and workers.

Relocating to China with medical conditions is a little different from the norm. But there are so many things to consider alongside a solid medical insurance plan that simplifies your relocation plans.

Air-Pollution in the Major Chinese Cities

If you are relocating to a major Chinese city, pollution is a real issue. Dramatically high levels of air pollution are a major problem in Chinese cities. High air pollution levels are believed to be responsible for up to 400,000 premature deaths annually.

Everyone knows about China’s ongoing air pollution crisis. So if your pre-existing medical conditions include respiratory problems, you need to seriously consider this and factor it into your medical insurance coverage specs.

No Public Health Care in Shanghai

Did you know there is no public health care in Shanghai? China is a massive country and a sprawling beast in terms of its public health system. It’s important that you fully understand the local medical insurance sectors in each area.

This is why you must do your research in regards to medical insurance coverage in China.

Finding Private Medical Insurance Coverage in China

Relocating can be a daunting task. Especially where your pre-existing medical conditions are concerned.

To ensure you fully understand your medical insurance options in China, and the individual specifications of your pre-existing medical conditions, you do need to obtain the services of a reliable medical insurance broker who has your best interests in mind.

Do Major Insurers Cover Relocating to China with Medical Conditions?

There is a lot of red tape in regards to obtaining the best health insurance coverage in China that meets your specifications. It’s only natural to go directly to the largest and most popular insurance providers in the world.

Major insurers such as Allianz, Now Health, GBG, and Aetna are always great places to start. Each of those companies has viable insurance plans but are not always highly focused on specific areas or regions in the world. But they are some of the most reputable providers in the industry, which should always be taken seriously.

Insurers such as MSH and AXA TP have some viable insurance plans for those relocating to China with medical conditions. However, it’s important to remember that these providers offer only partial coverage of CNY 8,000 for minor pre-existing medical conditions, and will generally reject applicants that have major pre-existing conditions.

There is no straight answer in regards to obtaining medical insurance for pre-existing medical conditions in any country. It’s mostly a case-by-case issue.

So, how do you cut through the nonsense to find health insurance plans that cover you in China with medical conditions? How do you ensure you get the best deal so you are not over paying? You secure the service of a reliable and reputable medical insurance broker that fully understands the health insurance sector across all major areas throughout Mainland China.

Why You Need a Medical Insurance Broker in Your Corner?

Why do you need the services of a medical insurance broker when relocating to China with medical conditions? Because going it alone is really difficult and complicated.

You do not want to be left in a precarious predicament where your health issues are concerned. And especially not in a foreign country halfway across the world from home. If you fail to prepare, you can prepare to fail. 

Do you know the difference between a Medical Insurance Broker and a Medical Insurance Provider? This is a major thing you need to understand. 

A Medical Insurance Broker acts on behalf of the client, NOT the insurer. It’s a brokers job it is to help you find a viable health insurance plan that suits your needs and budget. The insurance broker works for you, the client, and helps you get the best deal and coverage. 

The Medical Insurance Provider on the other hand is the insurer. They are interested in selling their coverage plans and maximizing profits and are not on your side. Make sure you confirm with the broker the type of medical conditions you have, the location in China you are going to live, and what your yearly budget is for insurance. A broker will also minimize the time you would spend trawling the offices of insurance providers.

Obtaining the services of an expert medical insurance broker is the cornerstone of finding the best coverage plans when relocating to China with medical conditions. A broker will help you to ensure you get the medical insurance plan that fits your needs. Everyone needs expert advice from time to time, and this is one of those situations. 

Ensuring Your Specific Medical Conditions Are Covered

Now you fully understand the differences between insurance brokers and providers, you need to focus on the details of your medical insurance plan. 

What pre-existing medical conditions do you have? There is a massive difference in medical insurance coverage depending on whether your medical conditions are major or minor. You need to confirm these details with your broker immediately. 

Is your condition on the automatic decline list of insurance companies? You don’t want to be caught out in the cold. As mentioned previously, some insurance companies will reject those with major medical conditions. Your broker will find out if your medical conditions are on the decline list of major insurance providers.

Do you need specific medication for your condition? If so, ask your broker to check with all the international medical facilities for the availability and cost of the medication. This will also have a knock-on effect concerning your insurance policy. So please bear that in mind.

Step by Step Guide to Obtaining Insurance in China with Medical Conditions

To conclude what we have discussed in this guide, here is a recap of the recommended process you should take when trying to obtain insurance when relocating to China with medical conditions.

  • Find a Reliable Insurance Broker – The first thing to do is find a reliable insurance broker that understands the Chinese medical insurance industry.
  • Where are you relocating to in China? – Please remember that there are different laws in regards to public and private health insurance in regions across China. Bear in mind the problems with having pre-existing respiratory problems and relocating to a major Chinese city with high levels of air pollution.
  • Informing Your Broker of Your Medical Conditions – Ensure your broker fully understands your medical conditions. Whether they are minor or major can make a massive difference in the coverage you need. Some conditions are also on the automatic decline list of insurance providers.
  • Keep Within Budget – Make sure you tell your insurance broker of the budget you are working with. This will dramatically affect the deals that the broker sources for you.
  • Expert Advice on Choosing Your Policy – Make sure your broker gives you advice on the numerous health insurance plans you are being offered. The broker will give you impartial advice, and honest comparisons, so take advantage of that to make the right choose.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to do your research. And with a reliable medical insurance broker onside, you can concentrate on the ordeal of relocating while they compare health insurance plans to find you the best deal. Simplify your mission of relocating to China with medical conditions today with the help of a broker, and have total serenity and peace of mind.