Please note that this insurer is unlicensed and unregulated in PR China, and therefore we cannot help you get insured with this unregulated insurer.  

The good news however is that there are quality global brand insurers that are licensed and regulated in PR China. The Global brand insurers have local offices (usually Beijing and Shanghai), and offer local 24/7 multilingual emergency hotlines, and local language and customer support, making them much better suited to expats living in China. 

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Henner China Health Insurance

henner china

The Henner Group was founded in 1947 and is based in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France. In 1981 Henner Group turned their gaze to international expansion and in 1992 they began collaborating with International Organizations.

Henner design and implement social protection programs specifically covering health, life and disability along with pension plans for a broad range of clients. Their clients range from individuals to large multinationals to international organizations.

The Henner Group works with insurance partners worldwide to take care of benefits administration and customer management for their partners.

The Henner Group provides services to 1.6 million insured members and their beneficiaries in more than 200 countries. Their medical network is made up of 50,000 healthcare partners in 166 countries with over one million providers in the USA.

Their mission is to provide everyone access to healthcare and design innovative health solutions for each client.

Area of Cover:

They have 17 offices located in France, Portugal, Switzerland, Tunisia, Kenya, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, and the United States.

The Henner Group offers a range of expertise as a Consultancy, Brokerage, Third Party Administrator, and Medical Service Provider.  

As a Consultancy:

They have immense experience in offering employee benefits solutions for companies of all sizes and industries and international organizations.

Henner has a team of consultants who offer expertise in the management of global benefit programs, mergers and acquisitions, pooling and reinsurance solutions, and retirement.

As a Third-Party Administrator:

They provide services to clients based on international market standard and their specific requirements.

Employ more than 250 multi-skilled client service officers to administer and manage their international health, life and disability insurance contracts.

As a Brokerage:

The Henner group is a leading and independent broker on the French market. They aim to identify the best placement conditions at the best price for their clients. They negotiate with all major insurance companies on the international market.

As a Medical Service Provider:

The Henner Group has developed a full range of medical services including a medical advisory board, an international medical network, prevention/medical check-ups and services such as “Concierge medical services”, and help manage costs.

The Henner APP:

The myHenner app allows clients to see everything they need to know about their current reimbursements, consult healthcare professionals near them through the Henner Group’s medical network, submit claims through an e-claiming service, and have access to their member card for direct billing.

From the app or webpage, their clients can manage their plan, options and beneficiaries, and can download all documents and forms.

For Individuals:

They offer health, funeral, auto and dwelling insurance to individuals.

Health Insurance for Expats:

The Henner group offers a health insurance plan for expats called Expat Duo but the coverage only applies to French living abroad.

For Companies:

They offer plans for large companies, small and medium enterprises, non-employed workers, and international solutions.