Health Insurance for Teachers in China

Medical Insurance for Expat Teachers in China

Teachers are essential all over the world and if you choose to become a teacher and work overseas health insurance is a necessity. So many people consider it to be an optional extra, but taking risks with your health while you are working in China is inadvisable. There are international health insurance plans that are designed for use in China and here at China Health Insurance we offer cover for teachers working at some of the country’s biggest international schools.

Anyone taking a job at an international school in China can take out a health insurance plan with our help. These plans are comprehensive, covering all aspects of health care and are very affordable. You can choose a plan that covers you for the whole world or one that covers all nations apart from the USA.

The teacher plans that we offer are annual plans and can be renewed each year. The cover is wide and can be tailored to suit your own requirements, even if you already have health issues and pre-existing conditions. Contact us to get a quote or to just find out more about our services.

We’ve helped a lot of teachers in China choose a suitable health insurance plan. In our experience you’re looking for basic health insurance which covers you for major medical situations, evacuations and in some cases also covering visits to your general practitioner or family doctor for minor ailments.

1) Inpatient only plans
2) Which are the best and lowest cost inpatient only plans?
3) Which are the lowest cost plans with outpatient covered?

Inpatient only plans
Inpatient plans are the cheapest plans you can get and only cover you for major medical problems.

What do Inpatient plans cover?
Life threatening emergencies which require you to stay in hospital overnight.
Surgery requiring an overnight stay.
Cancer treatment (including outpatient cancer)Acute episodes of a covered medical condition requiring an overnight stay in the hospital.
Acute episodes of a covered medical condition requiring an overnight stay in the hospital.

What don’t inpatient plans cover?
Visits to your family doctor
Minor ailments (flu, cuts, minor broken bones, etc.)
Chronic conditions (high-blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, etc.)
Health check-ups

What might inpatient plans cover?
? Outpatient surgery
? Outpatient emergency treatment
? Outpatient advanced imaging (MRI, CT, PET Scans, etc.)
? Emergency outpatient dental treatment

*Please note in general pre-existing conditions are not covered unless expressly agreed to by your insurance company