Coronavirus (COVID-19) & China Health Insurance

Does My Health Insurance Cover Coronavirus?

Some people are wondering whether their China health insurance covers coronavirus or (COVID-19) treatment. If you are on any of the reputable plans we consult on, you are covered according to your plan benefits. Some of the insurers we’ve spoken to, say they are increasing coverage by removing copayments and deductibles if the treatment is related to coronavirus. Why not email us your plan name, and we can confirm if you’re covered. Email us at [email protected]

Does My Travel Insurance Cover Coronavirus?

Unfortunately, if you’re covered on a travel insurance plan in China, most are now invalid as there are numerous travel advisories against coming to China from a number of countries in place. We can help you get proper long-term cover, simply click Get a Quote an fill out the form.

Do Travel Advisory Warnings Against Travelling in China Affect My Coverage?

Cigna & CMB: The only limitation is the AOC (area of cover). There are no exclusions to what other non PRC governments are advising their citizens to do.

Ping An Health: People are covered under their normal area of cover, the terms will not fail for any other reasons.

MSH: We confirm that medical insurance coverage remains unchanged for all members choosing to stay in Mainland China, even if the Governments of several countries are advising against stay/travel in Mainland China. Besides, if there is any self-paid medical expense related to the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia, it can be covered by MSH international health insurance according to the Plan benefits and geographic coverage, as long as it is reasonable and necessary.

AXA: Yes, we confirm members are covered under their normal coverage area for this N-cov issue.

Aetna: There is nothing changed and same as before and subject to their area of cover, and benefits, etc.


Members residing or working in China (already there prior to outbreak).

Members traveling from China to another country — benefits will be based on SOB and Territory coverage (i.e., if member is covered in country of travel).

(New, as of Feb. 6): Members who previously worked in China and were covered by a TieCare International policy and have been called back to work in China by their employer.


Members traveling to China after Travel advisory on Jan. 31 who are traveling for pleasure or who had not previously been employed in China.

Coverage for all other benefits remains in effect; the above is specific to coverage of coronavirus only.

What Extra Help Is Your Health Insurer Providing?


  1. When you have a fever, please go to the nearest fever clinic. The direct billing network providers (private clinics/hospitals, international or VIP department of public hospitals) under international health insurance are not allowed to receive fever patients during this epidemic period. All the medical expenses related are covered by the National Health Insurance Fund, no matter if it’s a confirmed coronavirus pneumonia case or just a suspected one. For any self-paid medical expenses related to the coronavirus treatment, which should be necessary and reasonable, ICBC AXA will cover the cost according to the policy benefits and geographical coverage, we can also consider to remove the limitations of hospitals, deductible access and copayment.
  2. What measures have we taken to deal with the epidemic situation? 24/7 hotline (400-650-1278) provides inquiry services, can also please contact us by email, [email protected]. For self-paid medical expenses related to the coronavirus pneumonia treatment, ICBC AXA has set up a fast channel, please send us scanned claims docs first to review, and the claim process will be simplified and speed up and we will reply within 24 hours.


We are sharing information to our members though WeChat, wechat ID: AetnaHealthInsurance. Meanwhile, our account management team will notify members of  any updates from our medical providers.

Cigna & CMB:

Cigna & CMB are giving their members free access to the International SOS Assistance Centre  (+86 10 6462 9100). This is a paid service and would require people to be an International SOS member to have access to this hotline. It’s a useful resource if someone wants to speak to a doctor, for example if a child has a fever and they don’t know whether they should go to the hospital or not.

International Hospital & Clinics in China Offer Free Telemedicine Services

Many people in China might not want to visit a doctor, even if it’s for something completely unrelated to the coronavirus. It’s important that they can still speak to a doctor if needs be. International clinics are offering telephone-based consultations to members across mainland China. Some are doing it for FREE:

  • Beijing United Family Hospital – Free
  • HKIMC Beijing – Paid
  • Raffles Medical – Paid
  • ParkwayHealth – Free
  • GlobalHealthcare (GHC) Shanghai – Paid
  • Shanghai United Family Hospital – Free
  • SinoUnited Health Shanghai – Free
  • JiahuiHealth Shanghai – Free

Generally speaking, remote/telephone-based/telemedicine services will not be covered by insurers, but there are plenty of free options.

What Can China Expat Health Do For You?

If you want more information on how your current or prospective insurer is providing coverage during this difficult time, leave a comment below on this article, email us, or click Get a Quote and fill out the form.

All the insurers we work with are currently operational and we can get you cover quickly if you need it. Simply click Get a Quote an fill out the form.